Surviving Child Loss


Written By Patricia Sheveland

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In this book you will learn:

In “How Do I Survive? 7 Steps to Living After Child Loss”, Author Patricia Sheveland walks you through step-by-step activities to help you move forward in your grief to finding some peace and creating a life that is worth waking up to each day.

  1. At the end of this program, you will walk away with:
    A crystal-clear vision and goals for moving forward to create this life worth living
  2. A personalized emotional support system
  3. A tailored health and wellness program created specifically for you
  4. Renewed energy to live your life with purpose

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Hi, I'm Patricia (Pat) Sheveland. 


I have been in the healing profession since I was in my teens. I became a registered nurse after high school, beginning my career caring for patients in the hospital setting, and ultimately transitioning to a successful twenty-five-year career as a corporate executive in the medical and claim management field of workers’ compensation. In 2012, I began the reinvention of my life to pursue my dream of being a life coach and was certified by the International Coaching Federation in 2015.

I am a professionally certified life coach, qigong teacher and mentor coach providing grief coaching certification for coaches and other helping professionals. Born to grieving parents, I bring a unique perspective to supporting my grieving clients in finding peace and purpose after deep loss. I see myself as a holistic healing guide for families, helping them find healing of mind, body, and spirit from the impact of emotional trauma of grief.

I am a certified funeral celebrant, and the three-time Amazon best-selling author of How Do I Survive? 7 Steps to Living After Child Loss, Living Life In The Middle: The Caregiver’s Guide to Healing, Hope and Harmony Through Multigenerational Living and The Confident Grief Coach: A Guide for Helping Clients Process Loss. My family and I live in Minnesota in a multigenerational home.



Why Am I Giving This Book Away For Free?

Because my goal with this book is to help more people than I possibly could just through my coaching programs. I’m able to give it away for free because many of my readers are so impressed with the contents, they join my coaching programs in order to become confident and certified grief professionals.


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