Free Book Teaches You How To Avoid Emotional Burnout As the Family Caregiver Using Proven Methods For Immediate and Positive Change.

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In This Book You'll Find Out How To Create A Burnout-Free, Balanced Life As A Caregiver

We're going to cover:

  • My proven 7-step B.A.L.A.N.C.E. Process to identify and transform your family dynamics, creating flexibility and freedom to live your dream life while still taking care of your family. (Page 24)
  • 3 tools to identify your values, your personality strengths and your personal character strengths. (Page 35)
  • Understanding how your particular strengths can be supportive or could sabotage your desired results. (Page 35)
  • Visioning exercise to author and create a best-selling version of your life. (Page 46)
  • Examples of various forms of “multigenerational” family living scenarios to identify what might be the best model for your personal situation.(Page 61)
  • What boundaries are critical for you to have in place to stop over-committing in order to create necessary time for your own self-care. (Page 73)
  • What considerations are needed to balance financial responsibilities. (Page 76)
  • Step-by-step process for choosing the people for your own personalized support network. (Page 79)
  • Why certain emotions create common health issues within people who are family caregivers.(Page 86)
  • Four activities proven to regain your energy and improve your overall health immediately. (Page 101)
  • What is the Human Law of Unconditional Love and how using it can positively shift your relationships with the people who are a struggle for you to be around. (Page 123)
  • Simple tools to heal ancestral wounding and release “karmic debt”. (Page 126)
  • How to evaluate your family history to understand what your life purpose is. (Page 152)

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Hi, I'm Pat Sheveland,

Because of my own experience as a life-long caregiver in both my professional and personal life, I know what it's like to juggle all the responsibilities of caring for aging parents, managing a demanding career, and being a support to children and grandchildren. Instead of easing into the second half of my life and being excited about my future, I became the poster child for emotional and physical burnout.

It took a major move, literally moving into a multigenerational home, where I found true healing and renewed optimism for the future. I know without a doubt that we can have and deserve to have it all. We do not have to settle for an either/or life. We can have the deep satisfaction of lovingly caring for our family and still have the freedom and flexibility to live the life of our dreams. 

“Lost in a sea of fast changing currents. That’s what it felt like in 2020. I was grieving the loss of what I knew and who I was, before the pandemic hit. I still had a job. I still had family and friends. Yet everything felt so different. Pat stepped in to help. With a very personal approach, she calmed the waters and helped me regain direction. Pat’s step by step process, using helpful tools along the way, helped me regain my balance.” — Lucia

“I am so grateful for the sessions that transformed me and brought me out of a deep crisis. My mother is stronger and our relationship is stronger. My husband, son, and I are at a much better place. I have lost close to 20 pounds and feel more energetic. I continue to review the lessons we had as I pick more up each time—this program is well written and provides guidance and tools that have left me learning and empowered! Most of all is the energy, support and positivity that Pat provides. I am eternally grateful!” — Veronica

Enter Your Information To Get Your Free Copy Sent To Your Email Within Minutes

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